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Sign up or login Problem

Q:How to Sign up/login? A:Log in:Please enter" Login" page-->enter username and password-->successful.
Sign up:Please enter "Free Sign Up" page-->enter username and password then click"Free Sign up Now!" button.
Q:Why do you need to set your email address? A:If you forget your username and password, we can send the information to your email!Also,we can send good news for you!
Q:How can you do when you forget your password? A:Please enter "Login" page and click " forget password" button-->enter your username ,email and captcha-->Then click confirm button!
The system will send a new password to the your registered mailbox-->Please use the new password to login again-->Please enter "information" page and set the password which you can remember.
PS: If you use the yahoo or gmail mailbox, please pay attention to [spam mailbox] to avoid missing some important messages.
Q:Why should I need to have verification for cell phone number? A:After completed verification, you can see free videos immediately.
System will send you a verification code to your cell phone to activate the account.After you login with your username and password, you will have a discount coupon!
Q:Why can't I receive the verification code for your cell phone? A:Please confirm if the phone number is entered correctly.
If yes but you still don't receive the verification code, please contact with your mobile phone operator to open the service of advertising or business news first!
If you still have problem with this, please contact with our customer service for help.

Membership Problem

Q:How to modify member information? A:Please enter "member information" page to modify!
Once the email is verified, you can't change by yourself.Please contact with our customer service to change your email address. Remind you that our system will send you a email to activate your account again.
Q:What are your offers? A:Our site use 30 days plan(baisc or luxury plan) and singal video purchase (points or tickets).Discount news will be launched occasionally!

Watching Problem

Q:How to watch free videos? A:We can see our free videos in our free hall.After you have the verification for cell phone, you can see free videos!Free videos will be update irregularly!
If your account is not verified by your cell phone,but system shows: This phone number has been verified, please contact with our customer service for help.
Q:How to use PC/Mobile Phone/Tablet to watch videos? A:This site supports multi-platforms:PC,mobile phone and tablet.
The browser supports Chrome, Firefox, IE6 (inclusive) or higher, Mercury, Aloha.Other platforms support iPhone series, iPad series, Win8, Android 2.3 (inclusive) smart phone and tablet!
If you have problem to watch video,please provide the device name ,network(example: 3G, 4G, WIFI), and video name which you can't watch to our customer service to analyze!
Q:Why can't you play or download videos? A:Please confirm if the flash version of your computer to the latest version.
Due to the large number of mobile phone brands and the environment is different, in order to maintain compatibility, please try to watch video in default setting.
Please open the browser settings, check [accept cookies].If you still can't play, please check in our website fot the supportted mobile device and operating platform and browser, or contact with customer service.
For IOS system,please go to the app store to download "Aloha" browser (official free app, please feel free to download).
Select what picture quality you want to download and press downlod link.
The location of the downloaded file is related to the browser which you are using, and please be noted that the free space of your phone.If you have download problem,you can be unlimited to re-download in two days, please do not worry.
Q:Why does the image freeze, not smooth? A:Due to the telecommunication company's network restrictions, it may happen network congestion situation.
It is recommended to ensure that your bandwidth is smooth.For mobile phone and tablet devices, it is recommended that you use Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) to play.If you do not have Wi-Fi or use Wi-Fi is still congested,you can switch to your 3 / 4G network and make sure the signal is good or not.
Or reset your phone's network settings and re-login again.Resetting the network setting, it will not reset your other data, please feel to do it.
Q:How to deal with no connection and slow connection problem in China? A:The network speed of each region is different.We can't compare because of different location.Please contact with customer service center to obtain the testing process of network speed.
Q:What is my deadline date for watching video? A:After you login,please go to "Members"-->"Information" to check the date.
If you want to check detailed pay history,please go to "Members" -->"Pay History" to inquire.
Q:What is the difference between 30 days basic plan and 30 days luxury plan? A:30 days basic plan for is not for HD videos and VIP Selection videos, but you can see all videos by purchasing 30 days luxury plan.
Q:What is the HD Hall? A:It is our newest service and includes videos(up to 1080P FULL HD).Update videos everyday.
If you have paid for 30 Days Membership For Luxury(Additional Purchase Price),you can enjoy more watching options.
Q:How to watch HD videos or VIP selection videos? A:If you pay for the 30 days luxury plan, you can see all videos in our website(including HD videos or VIP selection videos).If you pay for 30 days basic plan, you can click the button of the additional purchase price for luxury plan.
Q:Why can't I watch videos immediately after my payment? A:After payment is completed, it will take about five minutes for cash Flow(depending on the quality of the connection).
If you confirm that the payment has been completed and the pay record does not show success, we recommend that you re-login to the site or leave message to the service center.
Q:Why can't I watch comics after my payment? A:3 days trial price and 30 days price are applied to videos only, not for comics.If you want to watch comics,please choose single book or download.
In addition, the downloaded files for comics are larger,please pay attention to your network traffic and storage space.
Q:How to use Mobile phone to download videos or comics? A:For IOS System:Please download APP [Aloha] to use.
Download Step:Select the picture quality and long press, then select [download link].Successful download files will be stored in the "below menu - open file options".
For Android and PC:Please download APP 【Chrome】 to use.
Download Step:Select the picture quality and long press, then select [download link].
Android:Successful download file will be stored in the folder where you specify or in the [Phone - Album], or in the folder[File Manager → Download Options].
PC: Click to download directly or click right button of mouse on the quality picture to select [Save the new file].
Successfully downloaded files will be stored in the folder you specify or in the folder [Computer → Downloads.
Q:What are our VR videos? A:We provide new service of VR videos for our customers. When wearing VR glasses, you will enjoy a wider view. We will update videos every day. Small purchase plus fee let you get complete watching entertainment.
Q:What is difference between 30 days basic plan and 30 days luxury plan? A:30 days basic plan for is not for HD, VIP Selection, and VR videos, but you can see all videos by purchasing 30 days luxury plan.
Q:How to watch HD videos, VIP selection videos, and VR videos? A:Please choose the 30 days luxury plan to enjoy (include: HD, VIP Selection, and VR videos). If you have 30 days basic plan, you can purchase additional fee to watch these videos.
Q:How to use other VR glasses to watch VR videos? (Oculus VR、Samsung Gear VR)? A: Method 1: Please download Samsung VR APP. Open Samsung VR→「Device」→「Video」→ Select video to play→ After Playing, please press the pause button ( If old version, don’t need to press the pause button)→See Screen Type Menu→Switch 3dv.
Method 2: Download Moon Player APP and switch to suitable Screen Type to watch VR videos.
Q:Can PSVR play our website VR videos? A:Yes. But when playing Japanese VR videos ,please install “Littlstar VR Cinema” program in PS4 and revise the VR file name to 「01_OU.mp4」to play video.
Q:Which HMDs do you support? A: We strive to support as many HMDs as possible. Here is a list of all currently supported devices.
1.Cardboard compatible headsets: we support nearly any common Cardboard compatible headset on the market (i.e. Google Cardboard v1.0, Google Cardboard v2.0, Zeiss VR One and many more) on Android Phones as well as on iPhone.
2.Samsung Gear VR: Is supported in Samsung Internet from the Oculus Store, in which users will be prompted to enable WebVR (by navigating to internet://webvr-enable in the Samsung Internet browser) or any regular mobile browser with the Cardboard Enabler app.
3.Desktop VR headsets: All major desktop VR headsets are supported. Specifically Oculus Rift (CV1 and DK2) and HTC Vive with WebVR enabled browser (as of writing these are special WebVR builds of Chromium and Firefox nightly).
Q:What platforms do you support? A:All major browsers and platforms are supported. Please update your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox , IE 11 and Edge) to latest version.
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Q:How to download QVR Player APP? A: Android download
Q:What are QVR Player APP advantages? A:There is no limitation of browser. All Videos in website can be played (including VR).Using this app, viewing is more fluent.This app can also play videos which are already downloaded in your cell phone or tablet device.
It supports on IOS and Android system.
Q:Which video formats QVR Player APP support? A:mp4, 3gp, HLS

Deposit Problem

Q:Do You Need To Pay Money To Join As Our Member? A:As long as 1 minute,you can have free registeration.It is for permanent and free membership !
Q:What kinds of ways to pay? A:We have【 3 days trial membership】, 【30 days membership】and 【30 days point】options for you! Totally over 10,000 videos, you can watch what you like.(PS: Except for Comics, VIP Selection and CAM).
Single video purchase:
【Video Online Ticket】or【Video Download Ticket】:Choose one video to watch unlimited times within two days.
Single comic purchase:【Comic Online Ticket】or【Comic Download Ticket】:Choose one comic to watch unlimited times within two days.
【Point】option:You can use in a wide range of properties for video watching/download, comic watching/ download, games or cam.
To exclude man-made and other natural factors, the download files can be stored permanently.
※ All tickets and points don't have limited date to use.
Q:What are the differences for many payment methods? A:When you use credit card / Unionpay / Paypal / Alipay / WeChat Payment to pay, fees will be included in your monthly bill.
When you use telecommunication to pay ,fee will be included in your monthly mobile phone bill.
When you use convenience store to pay, please go to the counter of convenience store to pay.
Only for taiwan location, you can use telecommunicatio and convenience store to pay.
For overseas members,please use other payment methods.
※ No matter what kind of payment method, the bill will only have the name of the company, there will not be any consumer details or erotic words, please feel free.You can query the pay record in our【Pay Record】page.It is absolutely open!
Q:When I deposit money to pay, but I don't receive any SMS authentication code? A:Please contact with your mobile phone operator to open the service of advertising or business news.
Q:How to use your coupon? A:Please choose the coupon which you want to use in the upper menu when payment.It is easy and simple to use it.
Q:How to use the preferential coupon code? Why does the system say that my coupon has been redeemed? A:Please login in our member center page and enter the preferential code of coupon (total 20 characters), then press confirm.One preferential code can only be used once.Note:If you directly get coupons, please use it directly on the payment page, it doesn't need to drop to enter the coupon code, the system will show you have changed.

Customer Service Problem

Q:How to contact customer service staff? A:Please click on the support page and describe your problem.We will reply to you asap.
Q:Why did I ask the question but I didn't receive a reply? A:Customer service staff will answer your questions as soon as possible during office hours (Monday to Friday 9:00 ~ 18:00).
You can check in Your Q & A Record.System will send you a reply email automatically.Please be noted to enter right email address.
Remind you if you use Yahoo or Gmail mailbox,please pay attention to [spam box] to avoid missing important information.

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